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Blood Collection Monitor

Blood Collection Monitor is specially designed to standardize and simplify the blood collection process.

  • Safe, secure and reliable blood collection technique.
  • Stable agitation for uniform mixing of blood with anticoagulant solution.
  • Accurate weighing and timely collection of blood.
  • Better usability – Single phlebotomist can handle 3 to 4 collection units at a time.
  • Compatibility with different bag systems.
  • Suitable for donation camps: Lightweight and handy.
  • Battery backup for use in places with erratic power supply.
  • Designed to meet all international safety requirements of EN60601-1. Ensures safety against electrical shock hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, electromagnetic interferences, etc.
Input Voltage : 100-250VAC 50/60 Hz
Classification : Protection against electrical shock:
Class l Type B
Internally Powered
Operation : Continuous Operation with intermittent Loading
Power : 26W(Max)
Working Environment : Temperature: 10ºc to 40ºc
Relative humidity: 30 to 75%
Atm Pressure 700 to 1060hPa
Storing and Transportation : Temperature: -20ºc to 40ºc
Relative humidity: 20 to 90% No condensation
Atm Pressure: 600 to 1060hPa
Oscillation details : 12+/-2rpm, motor driven oscillation
Clamping mode : Motor activated clamping
Volume setting ranges : Insteps of 5ml from 50 to 500ml,automatic storage
& recall of set volume
Alarms/Indications : LCD, LED indication and audible alarm when the flow rate goes
below 20ml/min or above 180 ml/min
LED, LCD indication and audible alarm of when mains power fails
LED indication (blinking) with audible alarm when battery low
Automatic clamping when flow rate sustains in less than 20 ml/
min for more than two minutes
LED/LCD indication and audible alarm at the end of collection
Display : 16 x 2 line characters
Backlit LCD display
Time measurement : Time of collection is indicated at the end of every collection
Accuracy : +/-2% of the programmed volume
Dimension (W x D x H)mm : 250x340x180
Weight : 6.7Kg
Battery : 12V, 2.3Ah Sealed maintenance free lead acid
rechargeable battery
Manufacturing standard : ISO 9001: 2008, EN ISO 13485 : 2012
Standards & approvals : CE mark, EURoHS
Medical device classification : Class I
Carry bag : Optional

Slip free clamping

  • Clamp closes automatically after the programmed volume blood collection ends
  • Slot is designed to ensure that therouted tube is always inside the clamp
  • Rust-free and sturdy clamp cover

Safer, secure and reliable

The automatic clamp functions if the flow rate is less than 20 ml per minute for more than 2 minutes during the blood collection.

Detachable wide tray

  • Easily detachable for cleaning and disinfection
  • Compatible with different bag systems like Top & Top, Top & Bottom and filter inline blood bags

LCD display, operating keypad

Clear display of different functions such as programmed volume, collected volume, flow rate, main/battery, collection enhancement, manual clamping during emergency and pause function

  • Display collection time in every 3 seconds
  • Preset volumes-350/450ml

LED indications & alarms
LED indications like Power, Start Pause, Debit Flow, Battery Low and Battery Full (AV)

Suitable for donation camps

  • Lightweight and handy
  • 8 hours/65 continuous collections battery backup (Under test condition)
  • Intelligent battery system protects the battery from over discharge and over charge

Designed to meet all international safety requirements of EN60601-1. Ensures safety against electrical shock hazards,fire hazards, mechanical hazards, electro- magnetic interferences, etc.