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Portable Tube Sealer

  • Hermetic snap-apart seal for easy separation of the tube segments after sealing.
  • Advanced radio frequency (RF) sealing technology
  • Light-weight, hand-held and battery-powered sealing.
  • Continuous sealing, with no warm-up time required in between seals
  • An ergonomically designed sealing gun for ease of use
  • Built in 3-level safety features ensure utmost safety.
Power supply : Ni-MH battery pack 12V, 4.5.Ah
Classification : Protection against electrical shock: Class l, Internally powered
Operation : Intermittent operation
Battery charger : Input: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 18VDC 3.3.A(Max)
Battery charging time : 3 hrs
No. of seals : >1000 seals for a fully charged battery (under test conditions)
RF frequency : 40.68 MHz
RF cable length : 2.44m
Weight: Base power unit : 2100 gms
Weight: Sealing head : 230 gms
Maximum diameter of the tube that can
be sealed
: 5mm
Sealing time : <1.5 Sec controlled by microcontroller
Indications : Charging, Battery low/ Calibration, Voltage level,
Sealing indication in the sealing head
Dimension base unit (W x D x H)mm : 160x258x50.5
Manufacturing standard : ISO 9001 : 2008 , EN ISO 13485 : 2012
Standards & approval : CE , China RoHS, EURoHS

Purely Hermetic And Snap Apart Seals
Each Terumo Penpol Portable Sealer is designed to make hermetic seals in blood bags without any contamination. Each sealed tube has a rupture line and can be separated easily by hand.

Ergonomically Designed Sealing Gun

  • An ergonomically-designed sealing gun gives the user greater comfort
  • The sealing head is designed in such a way that minimizes the force required for triggering and ensures both a better grip and consistent seals
  • The easy-to-remove splash guard allows safe usage

No Warm up Time Required
There is no need to wait for system initialization: the LM 100 E is the bestrapid- use tube sealer for blood banks and camps.

Superior RF Application Technology
A specially-designed sealing gun lever ensures the application of RF only after the tube is completely squeezed so that the RF will not have contact with blood.

Rapid Charging Tube Sealer

  • The Ni-MH battery used in LM 100 E gets fully charged within three hours and is protected from over charging to ensure an uninterrupted operation
  • Makes more than 1000 high quality seals per full charged battery
  • Additional thermal protection for the battery
  • Battery voltage level indicator
  • Provided with convenient to use carry bag with shoulder strap