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Our Products

Spectra Optia

Trima Accel

Blood Bags

Blood Collection Monitor

Portable Tube Sealer

Tube Sealer

Donor Station

Composcale & Intelligent Expressor

Terumo Automatic Component Extractor

Terumo Sterile Connecting Device

Blood Bank Refrigerator with Communicator

Blood Bank Refrigerator- BR series

Deep Freezer (DF 80U)

Deep Freezer (DF 40U)

Platelet Incubator and Agitator

Plasma Bath (PB 100)

Cryo Bath (CB 100)

Imuguard III RC & PL Filters

Terufusion Blood Transfusion Set

Platelet Rich Plasma

CryoMACS Freezing Bags


Aluminium Canister

Sample Site Coupler

Rapid Test Kits

Elisa Test Kits

Blood Grouping Sera

Fluorescence Immunoassay Test Kits